Sharon Knight

Are you guys popular.Why havent i heard of you.

Sharon Knight responded on 04/27/2012

I guess it depends what you mean by popular. We have two different acts - one is my solo Celtic act, and my husband and I tour nationally with that and make a modest living doing so. I don't know if that makes up popular, but we are known and growing our little world all the time. As for Pandemonaeon, that is harder to tour as we are a 6-piece, so we mostly play in or near the SF Bay Area right now. I hope Pandemonaeon has more going on at some point, but for right now it takes a back seat to my acoustic work. Although Pan is being flown to a festival in Colorado in May. But no, I wouldn't say that Pandemonaeon is popular yet. As for why you haven't heard of us - possibly because our marketing could use improving! ;+) How do you find out about new music?

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Thanks for writing! - Sharon

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