Sharon Knight

What is your creative process when writing songs/music/etc?

Sharon Knight responded on 03/28/2012

Hi there! Thanks for writing!

Regarding our creative process, it varies. Sometimes it will start with a musical riff that resonates with us in some way, other times it will begin as a snippet of poetry. Either way, it always feels as if the song already exists, and we are just chiseling away the things that aren't part of it, like a sculpture. We chisel and refine, until that intuitive sparkle let's us know "Yes! It's done". Also, it really helps me to make a commitment to what the song is about early on. Sometimes I get enamored with a snippet of poetry, but it doesn't really move the story forward. If I can commit to what the story is ahead of time, I get a cohesive song a lot faster.

Also when we get stuck, we'll often ask our audience to give us ideas!

And some results:

(Feb-march coming soon)

Big hugs!

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