Sharon Knight

Where can I find the guitar chords for your music?. I love everything about it. I want to teach myself some of your tunes to play for myself.
Do you ever come to the East coast?

Sharon Knight responded on 04/06/2018

Hi there!

I am sorry to say, Winter and I have never created song books for our music. Folks ask from time to time, but it hasn't seemed to be a high priority. Perhaps we will at some point!

We have toured the East Coast for the past 8 years, but are taking this summer off. We will most likely resume touring in 2019. We play the New York Faery Festival often!

If you signed the mailing list, you'll definitely hear about tour dates when they arise. You can follow Sharon Knight Music on Bands In Town also.

I hope we shall meet in person down the road!

All the best, Sharon

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