Sharon Knight

Hello Sharon & Winter , I was sad to read about your automobile incident. I am glad that you are both physically uninjured . I wish you both to all the best on your East Coast tour and the Steam Punk Gig. I would like to contribute and help you just a little bit. Do you have a Paypal link/address that I could send something .Or better yet , since we live close by in East Bay - Oakland / Emeryville area, I could hand you cash in an envelope .

Best Wishes


Sharon Knight responded on 04/26/2017

Hello there Wolf!

What a kind offer! That is very sweet! Yeah that car accident did kinda put a crimp in our reality, that's for sure. Sigh.

We leave early Friday and are going to be running around like crazy most of tomorrow, so I don't even know when a good time would be. PayPal is likely easier, if you are up for that. You could send something to via PayPal.

Thank you fro such a kind thought! :+)

All the best -Sharon

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