Sharon Knight

visit i posted 100% support of term Neofolk Romantique; PLEASE don't backdown; it is URGENT NOT to empower NeoNazis, AltRight (euphemism 4 White Supremacist, White Nationalist, KKK etc.) by letting them own the genre of Neofolk; partially 4 the integrity of art, but especially to fight racism! So my question is what do u think re this?

Sharon Knight responded on 03/08/2017

Hello Brian!

What do I think of this? I think it is right on! I am 100% with you! If we just roll over and allow NeoNazis to co-opt the term Neofolk, then we lose it, not just for ourselves but for all bands whose music could also be called Neofolk; Faun, Omnia, Stellamara, Wardruna. I definitely got flack when I first started using it, from folks saying that it was a bad choice and people would associate me with NeoNazis. But I think it is better to stand and fight, rather than cede the ground. All folks need to do is listen to my music to see that there is not a shred of Nazi in it. We shall stand for a Neofolk that represents all the beauty and diversity of the natural world, which we adore!

Thank you fro writing.

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