Sharon Knight

Hello Sharon, have you posted in the last week? I thought I subscribed but haven't seen anything. You told me to watch for a welcome email to grab a download. I may have overlooked it, but just want to confirm, if I may, please, I'm on your list. Russell 87124. I realize you're a busy young woman on the go, whenever you may have an opportunity, thank you.

Sharon Knight responded on 02/12/2017

Hello there, Russell!

I just double checked and yes you are on there. Did you not get a welcome email? You should have shortly after you signed up. This is a new thing I am trying and it should be automated so if you are having a problem I would love to know. Perhaps take a look , including in your spam folder, and let me know at If you don't have it, I will send you the download link. Thanks so much! All the best -Sharon

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