Sharon Knight

How do the words/cords/rhythms come to you. Writing songs has always seemed like an amazing and magical process. How do you take the words or beats in your head and make them a fully functioning song? Love ya.
~CJ Grabuski

Sharon Knight responded on 02/19/2014

Hi there Charles!

Thank you for writing. That is a good question, with no easy answers. A lot if it is just following the thread of intuition, but having some formal music education to flesh out ideas really helps. When inspiration isn't there, you can rely on music theory to help you with constructing a foundation.

I realize this sounds a little vague. It really comes down to trying things until something in me says "Yes!". I suppose to clarify this, I'd need to mull it over for a good while and develop some sort of workshop. Because in some ways, the answer is "I don't know, I just do it.".

To keep this from being a frustrating non-answer, let me recommend this book to you:

We have taken a few of his workshops over the years, and this is an excellent book for taking ideas and structuring them into songs.

I hope this helps, and all the best to you!

- Sharon

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